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How to Use auto code readers to study and compare Data Stream

fcars (10/25/14 09:46:47)   Tag: car scanner
 How to Use auto code readers to study and compare Data Stream

The auto code scanner Data stream study function can realize the automatic learn for the data parameters during the normal operation of vehicles, and save, compare to other vehicles whether their relevant data is abnormal, it helps the users to have a scientific management and accurate judgment for these operating parameters of various vehicle models, so that can improve the user’s vehicle repair and maintenance skills effectively and quickly.
Use car code scanner to study Data Stream
When using auto code readers to read the vehicle data you can Click 【Save】
button in the bottom of the screen to save the dynamic data. And name the saving data stream by keyboard(It is better to name after diagnostic vehicle’s model or year for the convenience of reference. Click 【Confirm】and it wll prompts save success.
Note: you ‘d better select a vehicle in good condition to collect the data.
Use auto code readers to compare Data Stream
Make Comparison and inspection betwen historical data and the current dynamic data stream,
Click【Comparison】button in the bottom of the screen when reading out data. and Save readout dynamic data in popup window.
Use auto scanner to Save and Delete Data Stream
User self-study data stream will autosave in 【SAVED】folder of Sd Card, and pls save this folder to the physical HD of your PC to avoid data stream missing. Format SD card before upgrade, After finishing the upgrade, put back the folder to SD card to recover normal data stream. If no need save the data stream, you can format SD card directly.
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