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Video Image भन तिमी के गरु म
Santa Rai
Video Image Priyashi Priyashi
Mahesh Thulung
Video Image Andhakar yo kalo Raat
Damber Khapoong
Video Image Bandhanko Chinoo
Pratap Subba
Video Image Hirako Pachi
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Video Image Basti Chodnu Bhanda
Kishor Siwakoti
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Santa Rai
Artist - Santa Rai

Santa Rai

Avg 2.81 / 5
Total of 547 votes
Last update: 12/14/17 18:28:12
Account: Artist

Location: AMERICA NORTH: Canada: Alberta
Signed up: 26 Jan 2011 09:58 PM
Genre: Nepali Modern Singers

Santa Rai is is initially from Bhutan and spent refugee life ib Khudunabari Camp. Presently He is in Canada

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Visitor: Bidesh Dhakal (02 Dec 2013 02:27 AM)

Santa Rai is from Denmark. Not from Canada admin jeu.

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kishor (26 Jul 2012 03:23 PM)

I think santa rai is not in Canada. He is in Europe.

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admin (26 Jan 2011 10:33 PM)

Good Song and good Vocal.... keep it up

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