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Mahesh Thulung
Artist - Mahesh Thulung

Mahesh Thulung

Avg 2.65 / 5
Total of 965 votes
Last update: 07/24/21 21:36:44
Account: Artist

Location: ASIA: Nepal
Signed up: 15 Dec 2010 03:06 PM
Members: Mahesh Thulung
Genre: Pop
Influences: Influenced by my Family and Friends

A cogent, soft spoken, ambivert personality type and a soccer player – Mahesh Rai is a singer and musician who already has put on a fame with his name. 

Born to late mother Mrs. Jog Maya Rai and father Mr. Dal Man Rai, Mahesh is the 4th child in the family.

It is a pride to pronounce that he is the first Bhutanese play back singer in the field of Nepali Film Industry. He has released two albums with all his songs well bustled in the market. His second  album “Moments” October  2010, is his new release having seven songs in it are streaming in the Nepali Market;  one of which “ Lutere Lagyo” is on the top of the ten count-down in the most viewed Television of Nepal, The Kantipur TV.


 “Timro Yadle” is his first album released in 2003 struggling with all the unacquainted facts existed in the musical field at the time. Approaching every media with promos was excruciating for him. Whoever had heard his songs did not miss to buy the album yet most listeners were the fellow Bhutanese and students for whom it sometime was of course hard to pay even his expense on it. “Timro Yadle” could not reach to the common Nepali listeners because of his inaccessibility to the advertising media owing to financial crisis. So his first album was poorly paid off.


Yet Mahesh saw no distraction despite all hurdles with unstable political turmoil affecting all sectors of the time.


Born in a musical family Mahesh sometime was apparently maniac towards music. The dreams of the family with a musical passion and enthusiasm are great source of inspiration for him to be in the path of success as a singer. His first musical school was his home where all siblings are musicians. Do Re Mi  Sangeet Pathsala  and Kaleidoscope Musical CenterKathmandu are his music schools where he attended his vocal class for three years and guitar class for two years respectively.


Mahesh is an alumnus of Tri- Ratna Secondary School in refugee camp. He obtained his higher secondary education from Siddhartha Higher Sec. School, Jhapa and graduated his bachelor’s degree from Tri-Chandra College Kathmandu.

  From a very childhood he grabbed all opportunities of singing from the camp, extending to some Indian towns like Darjeeling and back to the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu.

 He has given voices to a few no. of Nepali and Bhojpuri movies and amongst them, the song (duet) “Chodera Najaun Pardesh Malai from the movie Kanha Chaun Kanhais a supper hit.

 Meanwhile having received many offers for play back singing in forthcoming movies he has to apologetically decline due to the resettlement process. Nonetheless, he has given his voice, lyrics and music in some of the collection albums.

He also obtained the membership of Nepal Singing Society in 2010.

 Mahesh relentlessly is working hard to produce better albums in the days to come. “Where there is will there is a way” is not just a quotation but a proven fact that can be noted in his career regardless of all deficits experiencing a warehouse refugee life situation.

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