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Madhukar Lohani
Artist - Madhukar Lohani | Songs (19)
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Total of 435 votes
Genre: Nepali Classic
Credits: madhukar Lohani
Song: jaba Jaba Hunchhu Ma Ekanta ko Sathi n/a
Album: Suskera
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Song Information:

jaba Jaba Hunchhu Ma Ekanta ko Sathi by Madhukar Lohani

Label: Song ISRC:
Copyright: Writers licence:


jaba Jaba Hunchhu Ma Ekanta ko Sathi

Sodhey Jasto Lagchha Yo Sundarta lay timi

Malai meri priyashi kaha chha Bhaneera

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Visitor: odecexjis (28 Nov 2021 07:03 AM) - Uwojejoz Etijel

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Visitor: ifojeti (28 Nov 2021 06:07 AM) - Aberzu Ubaqevan

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Visitor: argainuvoquru (27 Nov 2021 08:14 PM)

Ezihusig Uxecos

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Visitor: Smithver bersdcee (11 Aug 2020 05:28 AM)

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Visitor: ersdcee (11 Aug 2020 05:27 AM)

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Visitor: Laxman (22 Dec 2016 02:37 AM)

Wonderful music!

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Visitor: Niengma (04 Jan 2015 04:35 PM)

I felt to cry ,whenever I use to listen this song. its one of my best song.

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