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Madhukar Lohani
Artist - Madhukar Lohani

Madhukar Lohani

Avg 2.64 / 5
Total of 751 votes
Last update: 01/16/19 23:44:26
Account: Artist

Location: ASIA: Bhutan
Signed up: 29 Nov 2008 03:45 PM
Members: Madhukar Lohani
Genre: Nepali Modern Singers
Influences: Influenced by Artists everywhere

Madhukar Lohani, song writer, composer and singer born in Avongrove, Darjeeling and went to Bhutan. He worked in Royal Academy of Performing Art, Bhutan Broadcasting Service, Pel Vision, Norling Drayang etc. He has recorded 7 albums and has given his voice in different collection albums...

Nick Name:Madhukar
Birth Day: 10th Octuber
Address: Thimphu, bhutan 
Hobby: Painting, writing, reading, film making etc
My Favourites: 
Music Certification: 
Band/Club/Musical Group: 
Albums: 1.Mero Gunaso, Ratna Recording 2. Taxi- Taxi,Radio Nepal 3.Sushkera,Sangam 4. Prabhu Premko Mala( bhajan), Sangam 5. Mero Jat Ho Gorkha, 6. Sangalera Ayen Pheri, Purpul 7. Parkhi Rahan Chhu, Sangam Collection albums recorded in Bhutan: Pahila 
Achievements: Taught in RAPA and worked as a music arranger in Bhutan Broadcasting Service(BBS). 
Musical Profession: unspecified 
Activities: unspecified 
Inspiration: unspecified 

About Me: 
Singer, Composer and Song Writer DOB: 10/10/1949 Father: Ran Singh Lohani Mother: Phulmati Lohrung Singing Started: from 9 years Written/Composed: from 13 years( Yo Dillai Rakhideu Hai, Ma Timro Asha Garchhu) Born: Avongrove, Darjeeling Went to Bhutan: December 1978. He went to Bhutan on the request of Arun Rai' Doshi' one of the writers of monthly magazine 'Druk Losel' to teach in Royal Academy of Performing Art(RAPA). He taught in RAPA and worked as a music arranger in Bhutan Broadcasting Service(BBS). Worked in two private music and film company: Pel- Vision and Norling Drayang Made three Dzongkha film Recorded Albums: 1. Mero Gunaso, Ratna Recording 2. Taxi- Taxi, Radio Nepal 3.Sushkera, Sangam 4. Prabhu Premko Mala( bhajan), Sangam 5. Mero Jat Ho Gorkha, 6. Sangalera Ayen Pheri, Purpul 7. Parkhi Rahan Chhu, Sangam Collection albums recorded in Bhutan: Pahila 

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Visitor: Panos Karan (15 May 2013 08:36 AM)

Dear Mr. Lohani, I am contacting you with a project in mind that I hope would be of interest to you. By way of introduction, my name is Panos Karan (www,, I am a concert pianist of Greek origin, and the last two years I have been running a charity called Keys of Change ( that aims to bring music to people around the world that need it (Amazon, West Africa, Northeastern Japan etc). I am now planning to visit Bhutan with a similar project in July. I was wondering if you might be interested in helping with this project. It would be invaluable to be if I could ask you a few questions about Bhutan and Western classical music, which would help me plan correctly, and identify any groups of people that would gain from such a project. If indeed this project is of interest to you, and you might be free in July, it would of course be an honour to collaborate, and find ways to bring music together to young people in Bhutan. I am thanking you in advance for your time and consideration. With many best wishes, Panos Panos Karan Pianist Keys of Change London - UK +44 207 6043795 +44 788 7762306

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