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Kishor Siwakoti
Artist - Kishor Siwakoti

Kishor Siwakoti

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Total of 1002 votes
Last update: 05/20/18 22:55:31
Account: Artist

Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA: North Dakota (ND)
Signed up: 29 Nov 2008 07:05 PM
Members: kishor Siwakoti
Genre: Folk
Influences: Influenced by Narayan Gopal

Nick Name:Bhugol
Birth Day: 12th September
Address: Salt Lake City, Utah, 
Interests: Singing, Writing and music Composition.
Hobby: Singing, Writing and music Composition. 

My Favourites: 
Nepali: Pratap Subba, Narayan Gopal, 
Hindi: Sonu Nigam, Gulam Ali 
English: Michael Jackson. 

Music Certification:

 Diploma in Eastern Classical Music from Prayag Sangit Samiti,Allahabad, India, and Riff Music School.

Band/Club/Musical Group: Swarnim Music Center. 
Albums: Bhugol(Solo with Anju Pantha) 
Achievements: Mechi Tara in Ilam. 
Musical Profession: Singer and Composition. 

1. Performed with Nepali national singer in different parts of Nepal. 
2. Performed on stage in Mechi Tara Competition. 
Inspiration: Narayan Gopal 

About Me: 
Kishor Siwakoti

Sioux Falls , SD
Parents : Menuka Siwakot/Ram Siwakoti
Born In: 1986
Left Bhutan: 03/27/1992
Arrived U.S.A: 07//15/2008
Birth Place: Dhanasey , Chirang, Bhutan.
Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree- Tribhuvan University, Jhapa.
Music Classes: 
Diploma in Eastern Classical Music from Prayag Sangit Samiti,Allahabad, India, and Riff Music School.
Band: Swarnim Music Center.

Recorded Songs:
1. Aba Bewja Nasuta –Lyrics and Music.
2. Tukriyeko Muto –all lyrics and Music.
3. Composed more than two dozens of Nepali songs.

Album:Bhugol (Solo with Anju Pantha)


1. Performed with Nepali national singer in different parts of Nepal. 
2. Performed on stage in Mechi Tara Competition.
Worked with: Anju Pantha, Satya Swaoop, Nawaraj Lamsal, Praskash Angdembe recorded ).

Happiest Moment: I was happy when I announced as a Mechi Tara in Ilam.
Past Profession: I was a teacher for Music in Swarnim Music School for 2 years Nepal.

At Present: Student in Salt Lake Community College, Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Bhugol (07 Aug 2011 01:49 AM)

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