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Dhan Baraily
Artist - Dhan Baraily
Dhan -paint.jpg

Dhan Baraily

Avg 2.67 / 5
Total of 766 votes
Last update: 08/02/20 15:23:45
Account: Artist

Location: ASIA: Bhutan
Signed up: 29 Jul 2012 05:06 PM
Genre: Nepali Modern Singers

Born to Mother: Saru Baraily and Father:Krishna Baraily

Hails from Lalai, Bhutan.

Presently Dhan Baraily lives in:Houston, TX.


He is also known as D.B.Baraily among friends and students 

Education: B.Com. from North Bengal University,India

Began stage singing since 1994

Music Education: 1st Year completed from Saraswoti Sangeet Vidhyalaya,Nepal

Music Album- SAMARPAN in 2007 from Kathmandu, Nepal 

Altogether seven songs in the album.


Areas of Work: singer, writer and composer

Literary work: Published a book named Darpan (a Collection of Nepali/English

poems and Gajal) in 2009

Staged many performances in Nepal and USA 

Enjoys singing, driving to new places, listening to songs, making friends




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Visitor: Mr. x (02 Oct 2013 08:03 PM)

You are the best.... I like your voice more than any other bhutanese singers... great job....

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