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Ceebaa Gurung
Artist - Ceebaa Gurung | Songs (60)
Albums & Stations
Old Nepali song
Old Nepali movie Songs
Nepali Pop Songs
nepali Dohori
old hindi song
Nepali Bhajan Mala
English Song
Holi Song

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Songs and Information
  HiFi Album:  Old Nepali song
Song Image
Song Name Genre Length Buy Info Play
Aalu Dam Chana Acapella 04:54 n/a
Man Ko Kura Lai Badhi Narakha Acapella 02:48 n/a
Nakali Lai Acapella 03:48 n/a
Phoola Bhayee Zindagi Acapella 06:15 n/a
  HiFi Album:  Old Nepali movie Songs
Song Image
Song Name Genre Length Buy Info Play
Aaba Timi Ley Malai PAuney Aashai Naghara Acapella 03:25 n/a
Aadhiley Rokna Sakdaina Acapella 05:20 n/a
Badalu Ko Ghumto Ley Acapella 04:42 n/a
Bagee Janey Khola Nithuri Acapella 04:23 n/a
Barsa Timi Cham Cham Ghari Barsideau Na Acapella 06:17 n/a
Bhariya ma Bisaye Bhari Acapella 03:55 n/a
Chiti Aayena Mero mayalu Ko Acapella 05:48 n/a
Chori Vo Chori Vo K chori Vo? Acapella 04:47 n/a
Duniya Lai Tada Choda Acapella 04:20 n/a
Gairee Kheet ko Sirai Haaleo Acapella 05:07 n/a
Gurasai Phuleo banaima Acapella 05:15 n/a
Hejo Rati Kina Kina Nendra Lageyna Acapella 04:10 n/a
Isarale Bolaunu Pardaina Acapella 04:02 n/a
Jati Maya Laye Pani Acapella 05:13 n/a
Kasari Bhanau Ma Mana Ko kura Yeo Acapella 03:35 n/a
Kina Man Huncha Chanchal Hoooo Acapella 04:08 n/a
K Bhan Ney Hamro Samaye Acapella 04:15 n/a
Le Khali Hai Hai Choya Ko Doko Acapella 03:01 n/a
Macha Panima Acapella 07:29 n/a
Malai Maya LE Satayo Lau Acapella 05:05 n/a
Mailey Geet Chodi Aaye Acapella 06:40 n/a
Maya Ko Barima Acapella 05:42 n/a
Mohani Maya Ko Ho Ki Acapella 04:16 n/a
Najauna Malai Chodi Acapella 03:42 n/a
Phool Ko Dalima Acapella 05:09 n/a
Rato Tika Nidharma Acapella 05:18 n/a
Resam Fereri Acapella 04:58 n/a
sachi rakhau jasto lakcha Acapella 04:28 n/a
Sarangee Ko Dhunley Acapella 05:26 n/a
Samjana Birsana Acapella 04:25 n/a
Sathi Bhai Acapella 05:07 n/a
Suna Bhanana Kasto Maya Acapella 04:24 n/a
Suna Suna Salam Acapella 05:17 n/a
sundari ko Man Ma Basne Ko Hola Acapella n/a
Sunko Bihanee Oldies 04:52 n/a
Taxi Driver Acapella 05:29 n/a
Tina Patey Dada Kateyra Acapella 04:17 n/a
Timi Hasa Phola Hasey Jhai Acapella 03:54 n/a
Tunna Ko Dhun Ma Acapella 05:22 n/a
Ukalima Acapella 04:36 n/a
Yati Dheyrai Maya Diyau Acapella 03:57 n/a
Zindagani Darpan Chaya Acapella 05:56 n/a
  HiFi Album:  Nepali Pop Songs
Song Image
Song Name Genre Length Buy Info Play
Aakaisaima Chil Haina Acapella 04:43 n/a
Feri Feri Timiley Malai Acapella 05:04 n/a
Yeo Maan Ley Mandai Mandaina Acapella 04:21 n/a
  HiFi Album:  nepali Dohori
Song Image
Song Name Genre Length Buy Info Play
Beni Malaima Acapella 05:40 n/a
Maya Mitho Acapella 04:48 n/a
Timro Maya Cha Kati Kati Acapella 04:42 n/a
  HiFi Album:  old hindi song
Song Image
Song Name Genre Length Buy Info Play
Dil Diwana Najaney Kuchu Hogoya Acapella 06:18 n/a
Hasta Hoo ie pyara Chehera Tera Acapella 03:57 n/a
Jab Hum Jawa Hungey Acapella 10:05 n/a
  HiFi Album:  Nepali Bhajan Mala
Song Image
Song Name Genre Length Buy Info Play
Ek Chaina Duai Chaina Tin Chaina Acapella 04:32 n/a
Hudaina Reylimai Chatta Birsana Acapella 05:38 n/a
Tan Man Bachan Ley Nepali Hindu Bhajans 04:24 n/a
  HiFi Album:  English Song
Song Image
Song Name Genre Length Buy Info Play
Feels Acapella 03:42 n/a
  HiFi Album:  Holi Song
Song Image
Song Name Genre Length Buy Info Play
Holi Ley Meo Rangayeo Naya Choli Acapella 03:47 n/a
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