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Amber Subba
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Amber Subba
Artist - Amber Subba

Amber Subba

Avg 2.54 / 5
Total of 1017 votes
Last update: 05/18/22 19:13:26
Account: Artist

Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA: Ohio (OH)
Signed up: 29 Nov 2008 06:32 PM
Members: Amber Subba
Genre: Pop

Name: Amber Subba

Zodiac: Aries

Address: Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, 

Interests: Composing/writing

My Favourites: Bhakta Raj Acharya and Madhukar Lohani

Band/Club/Musical Group: Druk Ally 

Albums: SUR (Collection); AMBER (Lyrics/Music) & Album by Saru Parajuli

Inspiration: My inspiration is Pratap Subba because he is the first ethnic Nepali from Bhutan to release an album containing popular songs like "Bandhanko Chino." Though he was born in the place where he had no musical institutions, recording studios,and musical circles, he was determined to succeed and so he went to Nepal. In Nepal, he went door to door asking help. His story of struggle and determination inspires me. 

About Me:,

Parents :Dhan Kumar Subba and Khadga Hangma Subba,

Left Bhutan: 03/27/1992,

Arrived U.S.A: 07/29/2008,

Birth Place: Bichgaun, Chirang, Bhutan.


Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree in Physics- Trichandra College, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Music Classes:

1) Sadhana Kala Kendra, Kathmandu, Nepal with Prakash Gurung Sir.

2) Gurukul, Kathmandu, Nepal with Gurudev Kamad Sir.

Recorded Songs:

SUR (Collection Album)

1. Timi Aune Goretoma – Lyrics and Music (Singer-Chhabi Neopaney)

2. Chiti Timro Aaula Bhani – Music (Lyricist/Singer-Binita Sunuwar)

3. Yasto Pani Dhekiyo Jiwanma – Lyrics/Music/Vocal.

4. Samje Harek Pal Timilai – Lyrics/Music/Vocal.

AMBER (Singer-Santosh Lama); 

5. Narisaune Manchhe

6. Jalera Mutu

7. Raatai Vari Huri chalechha

8. Feri Farkera

9. Swarthi Maya

10. Hansda Hansdai (Lyrics by Shiva Chamlagai)

11. Laagthyo Timi (Lyrics by Santosh Lama)

Album by Saru Parajuli (Music Composition)

12. Aaye Dherai Jowana-Lyrics-Shiva Chamlagai  

13. Ghumdai Janda Pokharama (yet ot be recorded)

14. Tanman Sumpi Saken- Lyrics-Bhagawati Basnet (yet be recorded)


Happiest Moment:

I was happiest when Prakash Gurung Sir liked my composition "Chhitti Timro." He was so happy that he so much work from polishing the music, to arranging and recording that song.

Message to my Fans: 
Love Bhutanese-Nepali music.

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